Sunday, June 1, 2008

Tomato Leaves Curling

The leaves on my tomato plants are starting to curl. I've read that this can occur if the plant is stressed (over or under watering). I'm worried that the plant's roots are sitting in water too much.

I received an email from Jason at the AutoPot factory, who was kind enough to look at my setup. He mentioned that they recommend good quality soil/compost mixed with 30-50% perlite. I'm not sure why I purchased these clay pebbles, other than I read some place they were perfect for hydroponics.

I think I need to pour out my clay pebbles and add the mix Jason has recommended. Please see my photo (above) and see if you agree.


Roger said...

So was the problem the PH or the aggregate?

I am just curious because the goal of hydroponics is NOT no use any earth at all.

50% perlite + 50% compost...not sure!

Tomatoes are ok now?

Mike said...

Did you ever figure out what caused the leave curl??

I have leave curl and was wonder was the solution is?

I spent alot of money on hydroton so i need to keep it but will adjust my watering accordingly if thats the problem.

Anonymous said...

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