Sunday, July 6, 2008

Trellis for squash update

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Both my mom and my next door neighbor, Randy, whose house you can see in the background of the trellis photos, recommended that I not have the trellis facing each other. I buried a 2 x 4 behind the middle of each trellis, screwed the trellises to the board and buried the trellis' legs as deep as they would go. Hopefully, this will be enough to keep them from blowing over in a storm. I guess I'll need to plan on removing these in the late Fall.

I expanded the growing area out a few feet. The hoe gave me a dime-sized blister (yikes, that could be taken wrong).

Now, Chaz can rest next to the squash without fear of being grabbed by its inappropriately-touching tentacles. lol.

Behind Chaz (in the photo below), you can see that my asparagus is growing with vigor. Too bad I chose such a bad spot to plant it. Can it survive relocation?

My tomatoes are doing well. I've been pulling off the suckers, but I could have done a better job pruning early on. Here's an excellent article on tomato plant pruning that I wish I would have read a couple of months ago.

Below, you can see that some of my hydroponic tomatoes are already starting to turn yellowish-red. Will I have a tomato to eat next weekend?

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Sylvana said...

This year I am trying the trellis. I found your blog Googling "squash trellis". I found all the others to be a little too practical looking for my tastes. I love that this is not only practical, but it also good looking. Thank you!